Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Access File: Peace

>Login: JRoker

>Password: IMSoSexy

Greetings Exalted Master.

What is thy bidding, my Master?> access random file

Accessing Random File…

Accessing Random File…


File Accessed: "Peace"

What is thy bidding, my Master?> display


The day thundered at me. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles fumed and roared as they bullied their way through my life. There were people, shouting, elbowing, chattering, smiling, asking, demanding—they crashed over me like a tidal wave of confusion and senseless noise. The computer was glaring, its cogs ticking, the headphones barking, the callers barking, the callers whining, the callers gibbering, the callers demanding, the headphones demanding that I go faster. Management, demanding that I go faster. Management, their smiling faces, their plastic faces, their happy faces.

Lunch, the vending machines coughing up a vile concoction of pasta and plastic to assault my stomach. I felt sick. And then I swallowed the polymer food.

I found Her in the break room, the one without the TV. There were only a few people there, and none of them noticed us at the back of the room. She caressed me delicately, Her fingers first upon my ears, but trailing down, finding the knots of cord wound tight in my back—with a brush she unwove them. And then I felt Her upon my brow, soft lips upon my brow, a kiss that ran from my temples to my jaw. I felt Her breath upon my eyelids. Her hands, on my chest.

Break was over. Invisible wires found my spine and teeth and bound them and cut them as they pulled me away from Her, back into the fires, back into the noise.

But as I turned to get one last glimpse of Her, She winked, Her lush form full of promise. I would go home to Her that night. I would embrace Her, and kiss Her, and lose myself in Her forever.


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